With NODAJI, You Solve, You Earn, and You Learn.

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Cryptocurrencies Must Prove Their Practicality to Be Considered True Money




Due to high fluctuations of price and delayed finality, i.e., required minimal time to make a payment, current cryptos cannot be used in a real life.

Several stablecoins like USDT or USDC backed up to 1 US dollar are trading in a market. Do you believe that they have a 1:1 collateral in proportion with the number of minted coins?



Initially, Satoshi Nakamoto devised a Bitcoin as a peer-to-peer electronic cash system. His envision was right. But until now, his dreams has not been come true.

Most of the cryptos holders are trading their own cryptos in an exchange like securities. Unfortunately, most of crypto disasters come from the mismanagement of exchanges such as Mt. Gox, FTX, and AAX, not hacking in cryptos.

Why do you deposit all of  the cryptos in an exchange not your personal wallet? You are not buying or selling money in an exchange in a real life, are your?



What is an intrinsic value in cryptos? To reach a consensus agreement coming from many computer nodes’ competitions, mining activities are required but it demands huge sacrifice like consumption of electricity to compute the agreement.

Thus, is an amount of the electric bill corresponding to cryptos’ inherent value?




A NODAJI token is strictly minted with the real value of US 1 Dollar and 1:1 collateral. And the collaterals in a form of USD and precious metals are kept in secure and reliable places and transparently managed by a trusted non-profit organization.

Thus, the NODAJi will be the most stable and trustworthy money in the world in comparison with all of the stablecoins and even fiat currencies, and you can use it like a real money in an actual life.



You can remit NDJs to your peers within 3-4 seconds and with 0.1 US cents expense without the mediation of financial institutions. You can buy commodities or pay it to your peers just like real money.

You don’t need to register your account in an exchange like . By simply joining problem-solving activities in a NODAJI tokenomy, you can earn your tokens, use it, and even change it to a fiat currency.



A NODAJI token having 1 US Dollar is backed up by a basket of US Dollar and precious metals. We save it in banks and secure vaults and open the amount of deposits to the public in a real-time basis.

All the value of NODAJI tokens come from your efforts and time by solving problems and learning from it. When you have more activities in the tokenomy, then you can get more dividends from it just like securities but it is not a security.

You Solve, You Earn, and You Learn.

Building A Sea of Problems

Building A Sea of Problems

1. We construct a sea of problems where all the problems ranging from trivia quizzes to intractable ones are kept and well-managed.


2. You can only participate in solving activities and get your rewards for your efforts and time.


3. With the rewards represented by nodaji tokens, you can buy something what you want or send it to others with 0.1 cent transaction fee within 3-5 seconds.


4. By joining DAO actively, you can freely have a vote on management issues about the NODAJI Tokenomy like a general meeting of shareholders, and get additional dividends from there. But the NODAJI token is not a stock but using as a utility token, designed only for supporting problem-solving community.


5. Finally, we want to solve illiteracy issues in third countries and help those who are living in a survival line, thereby providing them with minimal earnings by joining activities such as solving, earning, and learning.



  • Solving problems

  • Forecasting problems 

  • ChatGPT AI help service for a problem-solving course

  • Earning nodaji tokens as a reward

  • Remitting nodaji tokens to someone with 0.1 cent expense within 3-5 seconds

  • An air travel safety insurance

  • Exchanging nodaji tokens into traditional currencies

  • Extending services to micro-credit and peer-to-peer trading markets

What does "nodaji (노다지)" mean?

The etymology of Nodajl comes from the end of the Joseon Dynasty around the year 1900, in Unsan, Pyongan-do, which is currently in North Korea, where the United States held a lease on the gold mines from Joseon and operated it. There exists a story that an American manager warned Korean miners away from the discovered gold ore by yelling out “Don’t touch” or “No touch”, and the word “No Touch” was mistakenly understood as “No Daji (노다지),” and they thought it as gold in English. Since then, the word Nodaji has been used as a vein of gold or a bonanza in Korea.

Unsan miners

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Unsan train

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As an initial stage, we release three fundamental services, problem solving, earning, payment, and insurance. After then, we will consecutively announce various De-Fi services based on a NODAJI tokenomy.

Operating on top-tier blockchains

Our nodaji app/dapp makes it easy for anyone to earn nodaji tokens in a blockchain, send and receive it as an alternative of payments with a mobile phone. To meet our requirements, we prudently choose top class blockchains called Algorand and Hedera based on transaction speeds, security, finality, scalability, small carbon foorprint, etc. 

To hedge against unexpected risks, our NODAJI tokens are minted on these blockchains. If one of the blockchains are shut down, then we can pay back the tokens with another token with the same value.


Algorand designed by Silvio Micali who is the recipient of the Turing Award (in computer science) and MIT professor is a blockchainbased platform that enables users to securely transfer and store value, build applications, and manage digital assets.

Algorand is designed to be secure and highly scalable, with a consensus protocol that is fast and efficient enough to support the global financial system. The platform is built on a permissionless, fully decentralized, and secure blockchain that enables users to easily create, transfer and manage digital assets. Algorand also features a ProofofStake consensus mechanism, allowing users to earn rewards for their participation in the network.

Initially, we implemented a NODAJI tokenomy based on  an Algorand Blockchain, and will develop the same tokenomy in a basis of Hedera.



Hedera is a distributed ledger technology (DLT) platform that enables anyone to build secure and fair applications that can be used by millions of users. It provides a secure, fast, and fair infrastructure for developers to create the next generation of decentralized applications.

Hedera is powered by a public and permissionless decentralized ledger and consensus service, allowing anyone to develop and deploy code that interacts with the ledger in a secure and trusted manner.


Why Are You Waiting For?

The NODAJI app/dapp combines decentralized web3 features and provide a peer-to-peer payment platform that allows saving, buying, and payment through our application. We will release a production-level app in March 2023 in Apple store and Google play, and you can run it in your web browser or download in your desktop in a form of progressive web app.

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